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Glendronach 15 (Revival) Notes

I've been waiting for this one. It's "special". The color is a beautiful, natural amber - plus two. It's been aged exclusively in Oloroso casks, hence the color. ABV is 46%, non-chill filtered. All good things.

The nose

The nose is fresh and juicy. I'm getting maraschino cherries, cherry cough drops, fruitcake, something slightly astringent, raisins - scratch that - dates, cinnamon. It's very busy, like a slideshow of smells I can't quite identify. Now there's an islandy creamy smell, like toasted coconut/vanilla and creme brulee. It actually reminds me of this coconut smelling suntan lotion I used to wear as a teenager. Weird, I know.

Ten minutes in the glass and it's still changing. I've been expecting chocolate (from a previous tasting) but none yet.

Ooh I smell the sherry now. This takes me back...Pedro Ximenes. Fifteen minutes now - molasses-y Jamaican rum. No peat. None whatsoever.

Just a drop of water softens the nose. Sweeter and creamier.

The taste

This one arrives sharp on the tongue. Really warm. A little salty. Just a hint more water. Now it's more spice, cinnamon, pepper, paprika. There's a great haze in there now - Scotch mist. It's fading a bit now - much softer. Thirty minutes in the glass and the oiliness is coming out. The Sherry's off into the background and there's a hint of chocolate - a little smoke. Very mild.

Silky creamy smooth delicious. Caramel. Mmmmm. Toasty burnt sugar.

Where's the soppressata when I need it? Soppressata and aged Dubliner. Now.

The finish

This just goes and goes. Really long finish. Amazing. There's some smoke on the way back up, like my esophagus is a chimney. Not like Islay, but it's there.


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