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Glenburgie and Caol Ila Notes--Wigle Has No SBA Loan, but Dave La Torre Finally Has His Booze

Glenburgie 10

This is an independent bottling by Gordon and MacPhail; 40% ABV, likely chill-filtered. Color is a light amber (Amber-2?).

On the nose it's tequila, honey, vanilla, and something spicy--I'm thinking cinnamon.

The taste is orange and more cinnamon. Very light.

This one finishes creamy with a tea, Earl Grey, hot note. Relatively short.


Caol Ila 1998

This is also an independent bottling by Gordon and MacPhail; 43% ABV. I'm guessing it's been chill-filtered. The label doesn't say. Distillation year is 1998. Bottling year is unknown. If anyone has an inside track on the age of this one please let me know. Color is a light amber, a shade darker than the Glenburgie (Amber-1?).

Nose is peat-smoke, then salty, with a hint of grass, kelp, and lemon.

On the taste it's very maritime. Imagine Old Pulteney 17--but with a healthy blast of peat. Or pretend you're on a fishing charter on Long Island Sound, whilst smoking a Cuban. And surprise, surprise, there's a nice hint of saffron in there too.

This one has a decent finish. It starts with campfire, followed by bonfire, then chimney smoke. You get the idea. The smokiness soon gives way to dried ginger and coconut. It's quite pleasant.


In Other News:

Numerous whisky festivals around the world have been canceled or postponed because of pandemic.

Italy's Roma Whisky Festival was originally scheduled for March, then April. Now no redo date in sight.

The Spirit of Toronto rescheduled to October 15

Over 600 PA liquor stores remain locked down, however, there is a glimmer of hope. PLCB is now offering curbside pickup. Who says central planners don't know what they're doing? Eh, comrade?

I should note Pennsylvania is leading when it comes to liquor control--as in we're the only state to close liquor stores completely.

The incomparable Dave La Torre has been chronicling his Pennsylvania liquor journey via twitter. It's well worth the read in PennLive.

At least 35 trips to and 10 phone calls to Pa. state liquor stores over the course of 23 agonizing days has led to one remarkable moment that is only newsworthy in the middle of a global health crisis:

Dave La Torre has ordered liquor.

Distillers nationwide have been applying for SBA loans through the Paycheck Protection Program payroll and expenses. At least they were. The money's gone, and it was first come, first served.

This hurts in Pittsburgh. Wigle Distillery is one of the few actually offering whisky during the shutdown. Wigle was one of the first to apply for a loan under PPP, but PNC Bank never submitted the paperwork. Now it appears Wigle is out in the cold. Ouch.

Let's end on some good news. The Kentucky Distiller's Association has collectively donated 125,000 gallons of hand sanitizer to hospital workers and first responders. That's the equivalent of 630,000 bottles of whiskey.

The free market provides.

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